Friday, 19 September 2014

Second Screening

As you may have already figured out, I am taking this mission seriously - VERY seriously.  I have been doing my research, asking my fellow foodies where I can locate the perfect pizza - and there is one restaurant that keeps cropping up in conversation:  Franco Mancha.
So, when Charlotte suggested we meet up in Brixton, I jumped at the chance to try it out.  I say try out, but I have eaten there before.  Sadly on the day in question I had the joint second worst hangover of my life (I rate my hangovers as carefully as my pizzas) and I could have been served up a stuffed crust from Pizza Hut and appreciated in no less.
And so we headed over to the Village Market - to find it locked up.  Apparently Monday is not Pizza day in South London.
Undeterred, we Googled "Brixton" and "pizza" - and found one dodgy take-away listed.  That was when I remembered  - the Ritzy cinema did pizza, and I seemed to recall it wasn't bad.  
I have to say, I do enjoy hanging out at the Ritzy.  Not only does it show a pretty cool selection of movies, but the cafe and bar are great places to chill with a pint or grab a bite to eat.  But I didn't want to chill.  I was on a mission.
It turned out the pizza menu was pretty short, and only one of them had mozzarella on it - the classic margherita.  I went up to the bar to order, and was impressed not only by the  price (£7,50!) but also to hear that the mozzarella was of the buffalo variety.  In fact I was so impressed I decided to let them off failing to have a wood-fired oven and stone baking their grub instead.
Sadly, what arrived was a little on the disappointing side.  The pizza reminded me in taste and appearance of those mini ones my mum used to buy from Iceland - , hardly any tomato sauce, way to many herbs, chewy, and not a bit of fresh mozzarella in sight.  Oh.  Dear.
I like to think that the other pizzas on offer may have been better - but I know that L would NOT be impressed.  And, quite honestly, next time I go to the Ritzy, I'll stick with popcorn.
4/10.  And that's being generous...

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